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Photo Based Art

Art Rental Service

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar. Sometimes people like what they see in an art work, but can't afford the price up front. Or may want to buy an art work for a loved one, but are not sure if the one they chose is the right choice.

What if you could try before you buy? What if you could rent one or more pieces over a period of time and return if it/they are not the right choice for you?

Now you can!

I am making certain of my photo-paintings available on an Art Rental/Try-before-you-buy basis. Here is how it works:

You may rent a work, ready to hang, by the month, based on the first or middle of the month. If you start in the middle of a month, minimum rental is 6 weeks to bring you up to a calendar month. Ex: Rental from Dec 15 goes to end of January as a minimum, then continues monthly.

There is a "Damage Deposit" which is refundable if you return the work in same condition as you received it, or if you purchase.

If you rent for 12 months, by then you have paid for the work in full: gives a chance to spread out the cost, if you desire.

That said, you may decide to purchase at any time and pay the remainder of the price, less the Damage Deposit.

If you return a rental, any unused postdated cheques will be returned.

Bonus: If you decide to purchase within 60 days, you save the equivalent of 2 months rent, which gives the same price as if you had paid up front in the first place. So you can Try-before-you-buy with no risk.

Works currently on offer:

All the following are $800 to purchase, or $80 per month to rent. Refundable Damage Deposit is $160. With the exception of "Buddy" which is 16"x20" on canvas, all the rest are 12x18 on archival rag paper, color guaranteed for life,archival matt,framed black wood,18"x24".


"Dance the Night Away",

"Straight Ahead",

"Around the Corner"

"The Phantom Tree of Petrie Island"

"My Secret Door"


"Water Water"

"Sense of Scale"


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