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Photo Based Art

Jessie Parker


A Maritimer , Jessie Parker graduated from Mount Allison University ,N.B (BFA, B.Ed), having studied under Colville, Harris Jr and Silverberg, specializing in painting in oils. Following graduation, she switched to acrylics for painting. A camera in her hand since age 4, she developed in interest in photography as its own medium and began doing professional photography in 1972. She continued to paint until the mid 80?s, whereupon she made the completed changeover to photography and photo based art. Her photo based work has been entirely digital since 2001.

She has had 10 solo shows (Maritimes, Ontario, and Britain), and dozens of group shows involving both her painting and photo-based art. Her largest show was at Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown in 1979 (photo-based art). Following her move to Ottawa, Canada, by the mid 80?s she made the evolution from the gallery scene to the publishing world via stock photography and has been published worldwide since 1987 via First Light, Alamy.

On the practical side, she taught Fine Art off and on in the 60?s and 70?s (Maritimes, Hamilton,ON), mainly high school and university levels. In the mid 70's a 2 year stint at Atlantic Conservation Centre (National Museums), Moncton as a photographer. In the 80?s, a 3 year stint at the National Gallery of Canada, giving tours of collections and special exhibitions, pulling in record setting capacity crowds. In the 90?s a 7 year stint as a financial planner after which she returned to photography full time in 2000.Recently she has been sought after for workshops for professional artists, for articles for arts publications, and as guest speaker for several arts groups in the Ottawa area. She has published 6 eBooks and 3 paperbacks for visual artists. See her website for her books.

Since 2009, she has been developing her own unique version of a new medium in fine art photo based work involving photo based digital art using some digital "painting" techniques. (See Artist Statement) She has been actively showing this new medium through Arteast, ArtsOttawaEast locally, Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, and Frederic Remington Gallery, Ogdensburg, NY, Foyer Gallery,Ottawa, and 2 galleries in Florida.. She has won several awards for her new works (2009-2015). At Ottawa Art Expo,2011,and the Toronto Art Expo, 2012, her photo based art work caused quite a stir about her new medium and imagery. As of spring 2013 she has been exploring "painting with light" in her new Urban Jazz suite, and is now concentrating on her "lightscapes". She is currently is represented by Ottawa Art Gallery Rental, and Fine Art America. Her studio was in Ottawa, Canada until she moved to Oakville in 2019.

Memberships: CARFAC since 1968; Member of NAPP (National Assoc. of Photoshop Professionals) since 2000; Arteast Ottawa and ARTSOE since 2009; NFAL since 2012.

Biographed in second edition of Dictionary of Canadian Artists, and Maritime Artists II. Published in "International Contemporary Artists", Vol IV, V, VII,IX from ICA Publishing ,New York, NY, and Hidden Treasures, London UK,2014

Recent shows,2011,to 2018: Solo show: Lightscapes: a Celebration, Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre, Nov 22,2017-January 2,2018;AJAE, 2017 group show, Sept-Nov,2017; March 31-April 4,2017: solo show Urban Celebration, Galerie Old Chelsea QC; Sept 18-Nov 4, 2016:group show, AJAE, Arteast, St Laurent Centre;Sept 10,11, 2016: Rotterdam Art Fair, Netherlands;July 18-25,2016: solo show " Urban Lightscapes", Leydan Gallery, Windsor, ON.;June 22-Aug 24, 2016: Arteast show at Promenade Gallery, Shenkman Centre;May 19-Sept 15,2016: NFAL Annual Awards Show, Ben Franklin Place;Feb 11- March 15, 2016: Arteast "Mosaic: show at Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Centre;Jan 7-Apri 17, 2016: NFAL show at Ben Franklin Place.;Nov 26,2015-Feb 9, and Feb 9 -April 19,2016: Arteast shows at Promenade Gallery, Shenkman Centre;Nov 27,2015- Jan 25,2016: Ottawa Art Gallery "Art and Parcel" show, Arts Court Gallery;Nov 20,2015-Jan 15,2016: Arteast group show, "Holiday Mix", St Laurent Centre;Nov 5,-Dec 8,2015: International juried digital art show, "Structure", Galerie Voix Visuelle, 67 Beechwood Ave, Vanier;Sept 25-Nov 24,2015: group show, Big Works, Arteast, Promenade Gallery, Shenkman Centre,July 25-Sept 28,2015: solo space at Galérie Côté , pop up gallery,98 Richmond Rd; July 25-Sept.26, 2015: Solo show, Urban Jazz, Blackburn Hamlet Library Gallery Space;May 22-June 24,2015: 2 person show, with Robert Arnold, ?Mediterranean Muse, Atrium Gallery, Ben Franklin Place, Nepean. May 22-Sept 24,2015: NFAL Annual Awards Show, NFAL Gallery, Ben Franklin Place March 2, 2015 ongoing: juried permanent display ,U of Ottawa School of Social Work. Feb 12 to March 17, 2015: Arteast Annual Juried Show: Mosaic, Shenkman Centre Trinity Gallery, Orleans.January 16 - April 17,2015: Solo show, Moksha Yoga Studio, Orleans January 8-March 17,2015: Promenade Gallery Winter show,Shenkman Centre, Orleans Dec. 4,2014 to January 10,2015: Elaine Fleck Gallery Contemporary Group Show, Toronto,ON, Dec. 2,2014-January 18,2015: Ottawa Art Gallery Art and Parcel Show January-Oct 2014:Various group shows, Foyer Gallery ; Feb 13-April 22,2014: Arteast Members show, Promenade Gallery, Shenkman Centre; Feb.13-March 18,2014: Arteast Annual Juried Show, Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Centre;Feb 1-March 18,2014: Annual Juried Fine Art show,TAG Cornwall Regional Gallery;Jan 28- Mar 2,2014 juried show ?Warmth?, Cube Gallery, Ottawa; Dec 12,2013-Jan 16,2014 Holiday Mix,Arteast, St Laurent Centre,Ottawa; Nov 28,2013-Feb 11,2014 Promenade 2012 Winners show, Shenkman Centre, Ottawa; 2013: 9 group shows, Foyer Gallery,Ottawa, various themes; Nov 21,2013-Jan 4,2014: Juried photography annual ?Light?,Cornwall Regional Gallery;2012-2013: 9 international juried show through Light Space Time Online Gallery, various themes, including 6 international awards;July 19 - Aug 28,2013: 2 person show "Move It" with Robert Arnold, Sports and Spinal Clinic, Ottawa. June 26-July 14:Interpretations, Focus Show, Foyer Gallery;June 4-27,2013: NFAL Annual Awards Exhibition, Centerpointe Galleries, Nepean;May,2013, multimedia show at opening of Venice Bienniele, San Marco,Venice,Italy (Venus in Venice II); Dec 12,2012- Jan 26,2013 Christmas Show, Arteast, St Laurent Centre,Ottawa;Nov 6,2012-Jan 9,2013 Promenade 2012 winners show, Shenkman Centre,Ottawa;2012: 6 group Shows, Foyer Gallery, various themes; Nov 30-Dec 2, 2012, Nepean Fine Art League Fall Show, Hellenic Centre,Ottawa; Nov 20- Dec 2, Figureworks Annual Juried Show, St Brigids Art Centre, Ottawa; Oct 19-Nov 20, 2012, Mosaic,30th Anniversay Show, Cornwall Regional Art Gallery; Sep 30-Nov 30, 2012, AJAE 2012, Arteast group show, St Laurent Centre, Ottawa, First Prize for Across The Piazza;Aug 23-Oct 5,2012 Cornwall Regional Art Gallery Annual Juried Photo show;April 20-22,2012:Toronto Art Expo International Juried show,Toronto ; Feb 16-March 20,2012:Arteast annual :,juried show,"Mix of EmotionsOttawa; October 29,30 ,2011 Ottawa Art Expo , Ottawa. Sept 30 -November 10,2011 Arteast Juried Awards Show, Ottawa (Award). August 20 ,2011 Art on The Farm, Experimental Farm,Ottawa. August 28-Oct 26,2011 Arteast Award Winners of 2010 show, Promenade Gallery, ShenkmanArt Centre, Ottawa, Sept 29-Oct 25,2011 ArtsOttawaEast (AOE) Juried Show "Selections 2011", at Trinity Gallery,Shenkman Centre ,Ottawa 2010-2011: three Contemporary Artists Juried Catalogue Shows, Elaine Fleck Gallery, 888 Queen St West, Toronto. May 14- Sept 11,2011. Members' Juried Art Exhibit, Frederic Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, NY,USA (Award), Feb. 18-Mar 23, 2011 Arteast Juried Annual Theme Show ,Shenkman Arts Centre, Ottawa

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