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Photo Based Art

Photo Based Services

New Service now available

Digital-painting from your own image :

Bring out the artist in you by partnering with me !

I can work from YOUR digital file or scan from YOUR print !

Let's take that favorite photo of yours and transform it from "very nice" to "WOW" !!

Where needed I can do photo restoration and custom imaging on your supplied photo.(Additional fees would apply for this). From you I would need a large file, at least 10 mg, in jpeg, sharp (not blurry).

Once you have made some choices based on emotion (the tear-in-the-eye, lump-in-the-throat,aw-w-w factor),I can even help you edit to the best choice based on technical aspects (composition, lighting, sharpness, background, expression,etc) This process is great for portraits, wedding images, landscapes, and architectural.

Cost? $257 for the painting + the print on canvas with gallery wrap. Prints range from 16"x20" ($237) to 30"x60" ($557). Shipping is included FREE to physical addresses in Canada and mainland USA. We cannot ship to P.O.Box addresses.

Interested? Contact me at [email protected]

To see more of my photography visit: my other website

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